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Ideas & tips for a lighter Christmas

Oh Christmas. Although I believe it’s not as big a holiday in The Netherlands as it is in many other countries (because we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ on December 5th), it is still my favourite. I love the vibe, the colours, the decoration, and let’s face it: the food. I usually start planning our Christmas dinner around… Continue reading Ideas & tips for a lighter Christmas

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Hotspots: Café Maxwell, Amsterdam

Maxwell was the first of many bars, restaurants, and cafés to be opened on Beukenplein and in the surrounding area by ‘the three wise from the East’, as we have started to refer to them: the three masterminds behind well known concepts such as Bar Bukowski, Smokin’ Barrels, and Louie Louie. No matter what time… Continue reading Hotspots: Café Maxwell, Amsterdam

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3x oatmeal that actually tastes good

I remember the first time I tried oatmeal. And the second. And the third. It was in my phase of having to eat anything labeled ‘healthy’, but lord did it taste like cardboard. While I still prefer pancakes and (French) toast, I’ve by now learned to make oatmeal in a way that it actually tastes… Continue reading 3x oatmeal that actually tastes good