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HelloFresh Blog Battle

You know when you come across a fun offer or contest on Facebook, and you decide to register without the actual expectation that anything will come from it? With that ‘oh well, I can always try’ mindset? That’s what I did when I came across the HelloFresh Blog Battle. Only this time, it did in fact get me somewhere. And I am pretty excited!

osvvt_1In the HelloFresh Blog Battle readers of Leonie’s food blog gewoonwateenstudentjesavondseet (an ode to all cooks on limited budgets, with limited space, and limited knowledge, but who love to have fun, experiment, and occasionally make a real mess of things) take on readers of jelmerdeboer.nl (our biggest anti-fitgirl fitguy, who’s recent book is called ‘eat cake, get a sixpack’) in the kitchen. The challenge? To cook the winning recipe of the Dutch show ‘Over Smaak Valt te Twisten’ (in which cooking clubs compete against each other), present it as beautifully as possible, and then snap and share the perfect picture of the end result. You can see why I was pretty excited.

I received the HelloFresh box containing all the ingredients I need to cook the recipe as well as a recipe card a little too early on Saturday morning. (Sorry mailman. He did try not to take too much of a face at my just out of bed-hair and bathrobe appearance.)

The winning recipe was of a classic surf & turf featuring entrecote (hello luxury), prawns, cauliflower and potato mash, and fennel. Yum.

The result

Well, the first result was that my kitchen looked like I’d just cooked a 7-course dinner. When in reality, I’d grilled two prawns, 80 grams of entrecôte, and made mash. I’ll work on that.

I have to say though, that I’m pretty pleased with the final plate of food. Which I had to photograph without natural light because the entire process had of course taken me much, much longer than expected. But it’s all good. And things would be a lot less messier when you just order the box for you own enjoyment, without having to worry about picture-perfect plates. Promise. Don’t let my mayhem scare you off. This blog is called scatterbook for a reason.

The verdict? I had so much fun cooking this. And plating it, too. Of course, if this was just your regular dinner, you would pile on the mash and the rest of the entrecôte. Don’t worry, the guys at HelloFresh don’t let you go hungry. The portions seem reasonable, the produce looked fresh, and the instructions were clear. I am not sure how you would fare if your usual kitchen game doesn’t stray from boiled eggs or instant noodles.. but if anyone wants to give it a go, please let me know.

Voting for the best photo of the blog battle should start today. I’m excited mainly to see how everyone else has done and what their experience has been!



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