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Hotspots: Café Maxwell, Amsterdam

Maxwell was the first of many bars, restaurants, and cafés to be opened on Beukenplein and in the surrounding area by ‘the three wise from the East’, as we have started to refer to them: the three masterminds behind well known concepts such as Bar Bukowski, Smokin’ Barrels, and Louie Louie.

No matter what time of the day it is, or what day of the week, these places are always busy. Maxwell was the first to be opened, and is a little more family neighbourhood café and a little less super hip and trendy than it’s counterparts. But that’s not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

While their breakfast menu isn’t particularly exciting, I love coming here for lunch or dinner, and have been taking my dad for lunch at Maxwell (or he me..) (bi-)weekly since I’ve moved here. They always offer two salads, a range of sandwiches on sourdough or – my personal favourite – spelt bread (I could eat that stuff plain, or maybe with just a little butter), soup, a number of egg dishes, and a few warm options (both the chicken satay and burger are great). They also happen to serve the best fries I’ve had so far in Amsterdam. Although I do have to admit I am yet to go out on a quest for the best fries, so my opinion is not necessarily one of expertise here.

For dinner, they offer a nice mix of traditional but much improved ‘eetcafé’ food, such as satay (their beef satay is just lovely), ribs, and burgers, but also a selection of slightly more exciting dishes. Currently these are for example a fish curry, vegetarian pasta, and cheese fondue, but I’ve also enjoyed a grilled dorade fish, and great ravioli there.

Bottom line is: I think everyone will find something they like here. Whether you’re after something light and healthy, or something a little more naughty to get through the Monday blues. Don’t expect immensely innovative dishes, or the hippest vibe in town, but do expect good quality for fair prices, friendly staff, and good service. And don’t forget about the by now well-known pub quiz on Monday evenings!

Café Maxwell
Beukenplein 27, Amsterdam


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