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Hotspots: De Kas, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Oost (the East part of the city) is booming. New, hip cafés and restaurants open up weekly, and I definitely have my own go-to spots for a casual bite to eat, a far too elaborate Sunday brunch, or some drinks to kick off the weekend. But De Kas is different. It’s excellent. And although I don’t eat that frequently, nor have very often, it definitely makes my top 5.

img_20161013_233811De Kas is a restaurant that grows and harvests much of its own produce. What they can’t grow themselves, they buy from local farmers and producers. The restaurant always works with seasonal products, and their menu changes weekly based on the products available, and the chefs’ inspiration and ideas.

Being one of those people who can never make up their mind in a restaurant and always gets stuck on two or three options, De Kas is rather perfect. They don’t offer an à la carte menu, but serve a set three (or really five, but more on that later) course menu. You can of course voice any dietary wishes and allergies, but apart from that, you are in for a surprise.

And a surprise it is. There are always a few ingredients on the menu that are uncommon, and you’ve probably never tried before, or maybe haven’t even heard of. The very friendly waiters explain exactly what produce was used for every course, and are happy to help with wine pairings, or any further questions you may have.

A night at De Kas..

I was lucky enough to visit De Kas last Thursday, where we celebrated that I finally obtained my Master’s degree. It was as wonderful as ever. The atmosphere is fantastic. Because of the spaciousness of the restaurant, it always feels very open and calm, regardless of how busily occupied it is. We had a great evening yet again, and will definitely be back.

So, let me take you through our three course dinner! Which I’ll argue was really five courses, since the starter comes in two parts, and they serve some delicious bites with your coffee after dessert.. I’m not complaining!

The first course was a lovely, creamy, rich, but not overly heavy mushroom soup with crispy duck. Just the right amount, and the crunchiness of the duck works surprisingly well in the soup. It was a lovely way to start the evening.


It was followed by the second part of the entree: roast pumpkin, with grilled apple and blood sausage, with a lightly dressed salad with edible flowers, and leek and cheese quiche.


At De Kas, they always serve a mixture of meat and seafood. Because we had meat in our entree, the main was seafood based. We were served hake fillet with homemade piccalilli on top of a light potato mash. After the slightly richer entrees, this was the perfect way to continue the meal.


We ended the meal on a rich note, with a chocolate tart with peanut crunch and a biscuit base. The richness of the chocolate was nicely balanced out by the refreshing, not overly-sweet coffee ice cream and poached pears it was served with. While I felt quite full by the end of the main course, I can assure you I had no trouble finishing the dessert..screenshot_20161014-213919

The party didn’t end at dessert. We were served some scrumptious mini brownie bites and spiced cake bites with our coffees after dinner. And on our way out all grabbed a fresh apple for the next day. All in all, it was a wonderful evening, and there is little I can say could be done to improve De Kas. The service is immaculate: professional and polite, but not stiff. The setting is just beautiful, as is the food, which always pleasantly surprises. So if you’re looking for an above-average evening out, without completely breaking the bank (the three course menu comes in at €49,50), do think of De Kas as your next place to go!


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