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3x breakfast in London

London. The city that stole my heart when I first visited at age fourteen, strengthened its grip on it when I moved there three years later, and has never let go.

I still visit London a few times a year. Every few months the urge to visit this ever lively city hits me, and I can only give in. I need my London fix. It’s a known thing amongst my friends by now.

Because I have by now seen most if not all of the musea and attractions, I have started planning my trips around – you guessed it -: food. Pancakes, poached eggs, crumpets, and porridge mainly, as the breakfast lover I am. Over the years, I have certainly found my favourite spots, places I have to attend whenever I’m in town. Will you, too?

  1. Friends of Ours
    I discovered this cute little place through Instagram two years ago, and I’ve been hooked since. They change their menu every season, and it’s always inspiring, creative, and utterly delicious. My first ever order were the crumpets with honey, rosemary, goats cheese, and shortbread, and it still tops my list of best-ever breakfasts. Possibly followed by two more of their dishes.. What are you waiting for? Go, go go!
  2. Bill’s
    My first visit to Bill’s was for dinner, not breakfast. But honestly: they kick ass at both. It’s affordable, delicious, and the portion sizes are generous. They make a mean English breakfast, but also hit the point in satisfying your sweet tooth. They have several locations throughout London, hence perfect for days you don’t feel like tracking halfway through town for a delicious breakfast.
  3. L’Eto Caffe
    A little pricier than the previous two, and a completely different atmosphere, but boy does L’Eto know how to do breakfast. They have multiple locations in London, each with a slightly different menu. I have so far always gone for their pancakes, but their French toast is also utterly good. Frankly, everything on their menu sounds and looks like I just want to dig right in. You can’t really go wrong here, whatever you order!

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