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Post-holiday blues

You know when you get off that plane and are faced with the reality of grey skies and rain showers, when only four hours ago you were still enjoying the sun and your favourite ice cream? Of course you do. It never fails to, well, suck.

I remember very excitedly saying ‘ohh I get to go to the gym again tomorrow!’ as I was packing my things at the hostel that had become home. I really was genuinely excited at the idea. I haven’t done any form of exercise apart from walking for over a month, and I really do miss the weights, even the muscle soreness. But now that I’m home and Monday has come, I’m struggling to get myself into my gym gear, let alone out of the door. So, in order to motivate myself and possibly you, too, I thought I’d write down a few handy tips for overcoming that post-holiday blues and getting back at it!

  1. Music!
    Put on your favourite upbeat tunes (loudly) to lift your energy. 90% of the time, just pressing play on my workout playlist gets me half the way to at least my sportswear. The first in a series of babysteps!
  2. Flashback
    You know that satisfied feeling you get when you stumble out of the gym after a tiring workout? Try to remind yourself of that! You might not be feeling it now, but I promise, as soon as you get going, get there, and pick up what used to be a habit, you will feel great.
  3. Get dressed
    Find your favourite outfit (in my case mesh leggings, a funky coloured sports bra, crop top, and a hoodie), and put it on. That wasn’t that hard, now was it? Don’t forget to keep dancing to those tunes while you’re at it!
  4. Reward
    It’s okay to bribe yourself with a little post-workout reward. Whether it be your favourite pancakes, a lazy afternoon at the movies, or that gymtop you’ve been eyeing – there’s no harm in a little extra something to get yourself there now and then.
  5. Partner up
    Whether you drag along your best friend, or sign up for a group class – it doesn’t matter. Social obligation might be just the thing you need to get yourself started again. No shame in that! For me, BodyCombat is always a sure fire way to pick up the pace again. Although it does leave my walking like granny for a good week that first time..
  6. Just do it
    Oh Nike, you make it sound so simple. But the truth is – they’re kinda right. Because for all the tricks in the world, in the end you have to do exactly that: to just do it. Because you know you will feel freaking fantastic once you have.

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